Breaking Down the Barriers to Artificial Intelligence Adoption in the Enterprise

Artificial intelligence (AI) technology is still in its infancy, but it has been making huge strides over the past few years and will only grow to be more important in the future. While AI-based systems are being tested in industries ranging from healthcare to transportation, there are still significant challenges associated with implementing these new technologies in the enterprise sector. Here we’ll break down those barriers, so that you can see how they might be overcome or even avoid them altogether as you decide whether or not it’s time to incorporate AI into your organization’s tech strategy.

What is holding back AI adoption in the enterprise?

There are two major barriers holding back artificial intelligence adoption in the enterprise space. One is that AI technology is not easily accessible to businesses, and another is that there is a lack of understanding of what AI can do for businesses. If these barriers can be removed, then more companies will adopt AI technology as it becomes more common place.

Lack of data

The most common complaint about artificial intelligence today is that it’s not accessible. Data sets are often too expensive, or are proprietary and thus unavailable. The result? The technology remains too difficult to use. At present, companies without a data science team – nearly all companies – can’t use AI at all.
But this lack of access will eventually change, as IA technology becomes more affordable and easier to get.

Lack of talent

As artificial intelligence expands into new industries, it’s no surprise that many companies are struggling to find talent with AI skills. A recent study by McKinsey found that companies surveyed were three times as likely to report difficulty attracting AI talent than those without AI-related R&D projects. The New York Times reports that this is because, at a time when tech giants like Google and Facebook are ramping up their research efforts, universities cannot keep pace.

Lack of understanding

The issue is that most enterprises are not understanding the potential of artificial intelligence and they are missing out on a lot of opportunities. They don’t know what AI can do for them, how it can help, or how much it will cost.

Fear of change

Many people feel that they cannot trust artificial intelligence because they don’t understand it. They fear that it will replace human jobs, and those humans will not be able to find work. There are many barriers preventing AI from being adopted in the enterprise. One of these is lack of education about what AI is or how it can benefit companies. Another barrier is that some managers think AI does not apply to their industry, so they do not see a need for it.

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