How to use a bitcoin wallet | Utilization of Blockchain Wallet

Blockchain Wallet is a Bitcoin wallet that has been used a lot since the early days. After a long time, it seems that Ether and Bitcoin Cash are also supported. First of all, this wallet is a hybrid wallet that can be used on both mobile and web, and my wallet is stored on the Blockchain Wallet company server. I do not know the private key of my wallet kept by the company, but it is still loaded from the company server, so trust in this company is essential before use. This applies not only to Blockchain Wallet, but also to any wallet that exists on the web.

I don’t use online wallets, but I’d like to share how to use them for those who do. The remittance / collection mechanism within the cryptocurrency is the same, so if you learn one thing, you can use the rest comfortably.

Notes on browser-based wallets

Since the private key is not stored on the server, it is impossible to recover the coin if the login information is lost, so be careful when using it. In particular, you may lose your coins if you delete your internet browser’s cookies without making sure your login information is saved.

Sign up for Bitcoin Wallet

Again, there are many wallets for Bitcoin besides Please browse carefully and find the wallet that is right for you.

1) Download Blockchain Wallet

You can go to in the App Store / Google Play Store or browser unit . Since it can be easily made on mobile, the following contents were carried out on mobile.

2) Run the app and select create wallet

After entering your email address and password, additionally enter a 4-digit passcode.

3) Proceed with Verification received in the selected E-mail.

Here, the wallet ID below is the same role as the access account used when you log in on the web (the ID we commonly know).

4) Since it costs money, we recommend that you make sure to set the 2-step verification or recovery passage item in the Settings tab.

Send money to your Bitcoin wallet

This is the process of transferring bitcoins from other places, such as exchanges, to your Blockchain Wallet. For convenience, I worked on a PC, so please refer to it.

1) Check my wallet address

This address in the ‘ Request ‘ tab at the bottom left of the app is the address where you can receive money. This address is different from the address you used to log in, so please do not make a mistake. And this address constantly changes with each transaction. It cannot be used permanently.

2) Go to Exchange Withdrawal Request tab. For convenience, I proceeded with my Upbit account. After entering the address confirmed above , enter the withdrawal amount and click Request Withdrawal. I sent 0.001 BTC as a test.

3) 0.001 BTC was deposited into the wallet as shown below. In this case, 1 minute? It seems to have taken a while. What would have taken a year just a few months ago…

Sending Bitcoin to an Exchange
Same thing. We will return the 0.001BTC sent above.

1) Create a remittance address on the exchange.

The address generated below will be used when sending money from the Blockchain Wallet.

2) Click ‘Send’ on the Blockchain Wallet site, enter the exchange address, and enter the amount to proceed.

  • The reason why the below is not 0.001BTC is the transaction fee, so it is a situation where all amounts except the fee are transferred.

3) Check the success message.

4) After about 1 minute, Upbit checks the deposit details.

When the conditions are right, I plan to upload how to make a wallet offline. That is all.

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