Coinlink simulated investment event!

The article below does not force any investment or coin introduction, and only delivers informational events.

Coinlink, an unpopular cryptocurrency exchange , is holding an event from May 2nd to May 13th (12 days). As shown below, 15 BTC or 10 BTC is given, and a prize of 1 BTC (current price of about 10 million won) is given to the holder of the most assets . It’s a mock trial anyway, so for those who haven’t invested before (probably not..?), I think it’s a good opportunity to try it for fun, so I’m sharing it.

I also tried it once.. As an existing member, I received 15 BTC and bought anything. Compared to Bithumb or Upbit , I feel like the interface is quite inconvenient.

Please register through the link below and proceed. Please EQAHV only for those who have nothing to put in the referral code .

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