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How to Reduce Ram Usage While Gaming

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Video games are one of the best forms of entertainment, but as with any form of entertainment, it can have its downsides. One such downside to gaming is that it often requires significant computer resources, especially when the player has particularly high-performance hardware. If you’re running out of RAM and looking for ways to reduce ram usage while gaming, this guide will give you some tips on how to do that without sacrificing performance.

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Update Your Graphics Drivers

If you’re looking for a quick and simple solution, make sure you have the latest graphics drivers installed.
Also, don’t load multiple games at once or keep your system running at 100% power. Finally, if your game is demanding more than your system can offer, consider upgrading to a gaming phone with more RAM.

Close Background Programs

You can reduce the amount of RAM being used by applications with the following steps: close any programs that you aren’t using, restart your computer if that doesn’t work, and then reboot your device. If you’re running a graphics-intensive game on your phone, this should help.

Adjust In-Game Settings

When you’re playing a game on your phone, you have the ability to adjust some of the in-game settings. These settings can include reducing textures, reducing lighting effects, and turning down the resolution. If you’ve lowered these items but are still experiencing lag or stuttering during gameplay, try lowering other features such as sound quality or shadows.

Use Game Booster Software

Game Booster Software is one of the best ways to reduce ram usage while gaming. It can help you manage your games, get rid of the ones that are using up all the space, and even optimize your settings for optimal performance.

Enable Fast Startup

A gaming phone is a specific type of device that can reduce the RAM usage while gaming. The faster your device can restart, the less RAM you will need.

Edit the Windows Page File Settings

You can reduce your computer’s RAM usage by editing the Windows Page File Settings. This will decrease the amount of RAM used by your computer, but it will also increase the time that it takes for your computer to start up and load things after you turn it on. It is worth noting that you can’t edit these settings in Windows 10 if you have a gaming phone, so if you’re using a gaming phone, this won’t work for you!

Adjust the Virtual Memory Settings

Gaming phones are designed specifically for gaming, which means they have a lot more ram than a standard phone. However, with all that extra power comes an increased need for virtual memory. To reduce the ram usage while gaming on your gaming phone, you will want to adjust the virtual memory settings. Here’s what you need to do

Try ReadyBoost

If you’re using a gaming phone and still having difficulties, there are a few other things you can try. One is the ReadyBoost app that lives on your microSD card. This is an app that caches your less-frequently accessed data onto the SD card and may reduce load time and wait times when accessing these files. Another option is to uninstall some of the apps that you’re not using or don’t require much RAM usage on your device.

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