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The Top 5 Camera Drones to Help You Capture Stunning ShotsShots

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There are plenty of drones to choose from, so it can be hard to know what’s the best camera drone to get! Luckily, you don’t have to guess; this list of the top 5 camera drones will help you find the right one to suit your needs and budget. No matter if you’re looking for drones designed for photography or videography, racing or spying, you can find the perfect one here! Plus, all of these drones come with great features like multiple cameras, retractable landing gear, and stunning action-capturing capabilities that you won’t find anywhere else.

1) DJI Phantom 4 Pro

If you are looking for a high-end professional camera drone with a 4K camera, the DJI Phantom 4 Pro is an excellent choice. This drone has all of the features needed for professional aerial photography, including GPS and obstacle avoidance. It also comes with a dual controller setup that allows one person to pilot the aircraft and another person to control the camera’s direction. The Phantom 4 Pro is easy to use, but it does have many advanced features that you will need some time getting used to.

2) Yuneec Typhoon H

The Yuneec Typhoon H is a great option for those looking for a high-end camera drone with great stabilization and an easy-to-use interface. It also has a 4K camera with 12MP photo resolution, altitude hold mode, and other features that make it easier than ever before to take stunning shots from the sky.

3) GoPro Karma

A camera drone with an interchangeable lens, the GoPro Karma is a great drone for those who are looking to capture stunning aerial shots. This drone is compatible with GoPro’s Hero5 and Hero6 cameras, but it also has its own integrated fixed-lens camera that can take photos of up to 12 MP and record video in 4K resolution.

4) 3DR Solo

3DR Solo is one of the best drone cameras because it’s made with professional filmmakers in mind. This camera drone has a bunch of features that make it stand out from other drones, including a 3-axis gimbal for easy panning and tilting, and built-in 360-degree camera so you can shoot your footage without having to attach an additional piece.

5) Hubsan X4

The Hubsan X4 is a camera drone with a built-in 720p HD wide angle camera that allows you to capture stunning shots from the sky. The quadcopter was designed as an FPV (first person view) flying drone and features headless mode, altitude hold, one key takeoff/landing, and follow me mode.

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